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Samui international muay thia stadium

Samui Muay Thai Stadium Tickets

Start 9:30 pm - 6 fights
(The schedule may change without notice)

Samui International Muay Thai Stadium

It is Authentic and Professional Muay Thai


This is Thai Kick Boxing at its Ultimate Best.

Samui Muay Thai Stadium Tickets.

Local and Foreign fighters compete at Samui International Muay Thai Stadium.


This place where the locals come to watch their National Sport MUAY THAI.


Electric Atmosphere

The Fighters are ready for action.

With refreshments available live commentary and traditional Thai music.

Samui Boxing Stadium | VIP | Ringside | Stadium Tickets.

Free for children up to 5yrs. - Half price between 6 to 10 yrs.

Samui International Muay Thai Stadium Tickets

Group Booking please contact us on Chats or WhatsApp +6692 8100 445

  • Muay Thai Stadium:

All the seating has a bird’s eye view of the action​...

  • Thai Boxing National Sport

Muay Thai means “The Art of Eight Limbs”; it uses eight points of contact.

The hands become the sword & dagger...

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